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Our Origin

TATS was founded because of the realistic concealed pistol training and discipline some responsible gun owners lack once they purchase a firearm. The primary purpose of carrying a firearm is for personal protection inside or outside the home. While the shooting range is a great place to practice basic aiming and shooting skills, it does not offer gun owners any training in how to think and react in realistic life-threatening situations. At TATS, we provide responsible gun owners defensive education and experience in using a firearm for personal protection. We do this by simulating actual threat scenarios and conducting shooting exercises as an enhancement over static shooting range sessions.

Mission Statement

Threat Assessment and Tactical Solutions (TATS) provides the most realistic firearms and defensive measures training to prepare law enforcement officers, armed professionals, and responsible citizens to survive imminent, real world threats.

Our Vision

We envision a world of empowered individuals fully-qualified to defend themselves under all circumstances, whether it be hand-to-hand or utilizing firearms.

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Brandon Kehr – Owner

Meet Our Instructors

A collective of diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

TATS Firearm Instructors are composed of over 30+ years military and 9+ years federal law enforcement experience. All Firearm Instructors are NRA Certified, but no courses are affiliated with the NRA. We are in the process of getting hand to hand Instructors for those of you who want to learn another self-defense skill set or build on your current one.

  • Brandon Kehr
    Brandon Kehr Lead Instructor

    US Air Marshal/USAF

    • Active Shooter & Threat
    • Close Quarter Combat
    • Concealed Carry
    • Homeland Threat Defense
  • Rod Baker
    Rod Baker Instructor

    US Marine Corps

    • Weapons Handling
    • Concealed Carry
    • Close Quarter Combat
Brandon KehrBrian EamesDan McEaddyLouis Albanese
DistinctionUS Air Marshal/USAFUSMC Paramedic30+ Years Martial Arts15+ Years Martial Arts
Specialty 1Active Shooter & ThreatPersonal Protection SecurityEdged Weapon CombatEdged Weapon Combat
Specialty 2Close Quarter CombatClose Quarter CombatHand-to-Hand DefenseHand-to-Hand Defense
Specialty 3Concealed CarryHomeland Threat DefenseFirearm Disarms
Specialty 4Homeland Threat DefenseHand-to-Hand Defense

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Phone: 484.998.8287
Email: info@tatstraining.com